About Us

Baby Sequoia was born after my daughter Lika came into the world.

I have always been into DIY things, so when I'm looking for accessories for my baby, I thought: Hey, it's pretty simple, why can't I make one my self. And that's how it all started.

Once I consult Mr. Google, there are no turning points. Found lots and lots of tutorials on hundreds of material variety. The possibilities are endless. It felt like I have open a door to my private playground. So there goes hours and days exploring new tutorial, surfing craft supplies store, trying hours to pour some ideas into a design, obsessing other crafter's work, or simply organize my craft shopping haul.

I still remember how the first year went. How I jungle new hobby and new baby. One time I learned how to make burn flower with two hands, while my leg is rocking Lika's bouncer chair while she is taking a nap. Every day, after both of my children asleep, I drowning into my new world until past midnight. And I can not stop.

And with all that obsession, so Baby Sequoia born.

I want to make something cute and stylish, pretty, not tacky. Every single headband is made with style and comfort in mind, using on-trend patterns and colors to easily match baby's outfit. Perfect pastels, paired together with muted tones and pretty floral patterns become our Brand's inspiration

We aim to create best quality, lovingly handcrafted products to provide the perfect finish to any beautiful outfit, bringing variety, comfort, and style to your little princess's wardrobe.